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YOGA - good for every BODY! We believe Yoga can benefit all body types and sizes, male and female, newborn to seniors.  Learn how mindful movement synchronized with deep breathing can form a bridge to deeper states of self awareness, relaxation, and inner peace. We are proud to work collaboratively with others within the greater Olympia community through workshops, rentals, and hosting of classes at the Wild Grace Arts studio to promote greater holistic wellness of mind, body and soul for all. Namaste!



Three special events this week to help you warm up for Arts Walk!  On Wednesday, April 23rd at 9:00am, the fantastic Jason Griffin, First Degree NIA Black Belt, joins Julia for a special "JAMES BOND" themed NIA class!

And on Thursday, April 24th help us celebrate Carolyn's birthday during her ZUMBA class at 5:30pm - bring someone new to ZUMBA and your present is a free class for you both!

  Then at 7:00 on Thursday, we welcome back "The Infinite You"! Learn how fun and joyous your life can be!


Check out the activities we have planned for you during Spring Arts Walk!

 Please see our Workshops & Events page for details on these and other upcoming special activities, our  April Schedule for all of our current classes, the new Dance Classes page!