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YOGA - good for every BODY! We believe Yoga can benefit all body types and sizes, male and female, newborn to seniors.  Learn how mindful movement synchronized with deep breathing can form a bridge to deeper states of self awareness, relaxation, and inner peace. We are proud to work collaboratively with others to promote greater holistic wellness of mind, body and soul for all. Namaste!



NOTE: Thursday March 30th noon NRB and Friday March 31st noon DSHS classes are cancelled. Schedule resumes Monday, April 3.

Noon Yoga at DSHS (OB2) on Mondays and Fridays now in "Lookout" conference room on the 4th floor except Friday March 10th and 24th which will be in SL-03! 

Hope this will be a great year for you! One New Year resolution might be to get outdoors and as much of the sun's gift of vitamin D during these Winter months! However, remember to prepare your body with a Yoga practice before tackling those weekend tasks and activities including snow shoeing and skiing! 

As most of you know by now, we unfortunately had to close the Wild Grace Arts studio at 507 Cherry St. due to irreconcilable issues with our lease. If you are missing your favorite teacher, see an update of where they are currently teaching or contact information under the Teachers link. See Steve’s Schedule for weekly updates of his yoga classes.

 We will continue to post updates regarding the future of Wild Grace Arts and our teachers so please check back frequently!