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YOGA - good for every BODY! We believe Yoga can benefit all body types and sizes, male and female, newborn to seniors.  Learn how mindful movement synchronized with deep breathing can form a bridge to deeper states of self awareness, relaxation, and inner peace. We are proud to work collaboratively with others to promote greater holistic wellness of mind, body and soul for all. Namaste!



Good news! I will resume teaching classes on Thursday, May 26th at DoSpa's studio at 402 East 8th Street in Port Angeles WA. Thursday classes will be at 11:00am and 5:30pm. Classes are currently drop-in only and are $15. We will likely be adding additional classes and discounted passes in the future. And as always, please feel free to use the Practice Guides,  including the recently added "Yoga for Sleep", as a way of continuing your yoga practice.


Please see Steve’s Schedule for the yoga classes I will be teaching.