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Yoga Classes

Practicing yoga on a regular basis aids in promoting holistic wellness through the use of guided movements that integrate mind, body and soul.    Each class provides instruction on yoga poses, deep breathing and guided relaxation. You will learn principles of safe alignment and discover how yoga can de-stress your body and mind, open up your connective tissue network, slow your aging process, improve strength, flexibility and endurance, and leave you feeling great!

Senior Yoga

Designed for Seniors new to Hatha yoga or who would like to continue their practice at a slower, safe, and gentle pace while improving overall strength, flexibility and balance.  Classes include breathing (pranayama) practice, the basic positions (asanas) and sequences of Hatha yoga, and guided meditation.  Each class concludes with a deep relaxation "Savasana" session.

Gentle/Back Care Yoga

Introduces the student to therapeutic yoga and somatic exercises designed for those with back problems or who may be elderly, overweight or recovering from chronic illnesses or those that simply desire a gentle yoga program. These classes are specifically designed to aid students in addressing muscle length and strength imbalances that affect the spine. Decompression of discs and spinal nerve roots, release of chronic tension patterns, and improved spinal alignment are among the benefits gained from our Gentle Yoga / Back Care classes. These classes are based on the recommendations of Mary Pullig-Schatz MD, author of Back Care Basics: A Doctor's Gentle Yoga Program for Back and Neck Pain Relief.

Gentle, Beginning, & Introductory Classes

Excellent classes for those new to Hatha yoga or existing students who would like to enhance their practice at a slower, gentle pace.  Students are introduced to, explore, and focus on breathing (pranayama), safe alignment, and the basic positions (asanas) including sun salutations.  Each class concludes with a deep relaxation "Savasana" session.

Mindful Yoga

Mindful yoga begins with meditative self-observation, and puts self-knowledge to work in well-aligned postures and intentional breathing. In this class, dynamic movements will be shaped by the breath.  Asanas (poses) will be practiced with a variety of props and emphases to bring attention to one’s individual muscular and emotional structures. Some asanas will be held for longer periods to explore how they change, and we change in them, even in stillness. There is no right-looking pose, only right effort and right knowledge. This class explores how yoga can serve each particular body and each individual mind. Cultivate strength, awareness, and a warm relationship with yourself.